Unexplored Canyon Of Odisha |The Best Place To Visit In Weekend

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Have you ever experienced the awe-inspiring beauty of canyons? Canyons are narrow and deep valleys carved by the relentless force of river water. As you stand there, you’ll witness the mesmerizing sight of stunning rock formations on both sides, with a deep and breathtaking river flowing in between. The views you’ll encounter are truly breathtaking, leaving you in awe.

Canyons are created through the movement of rivers, weather, and erosion. Over thousands and millions of years, river water carves into the land with rushing water, creating unique designs in the rock,

you are not going to believe that there is enthralling and alluring canyon are in Odisha

So the mostly unexplored canyon of Odisha

  • Grand canyon
  • Odisha canyon Lake
  • Redhakhol canyon

The Grand Canyon Of Odisha

The Grand Canyon of Odisha, located in Sundargarh district, is a magnificent natural wonder. It’s mesmerizing place with stone beded river


  • The Grand Canyon of Odisha is situated in the Sundargarh district of the state Odisha
  • Its 45km distance from Sudargarh town &
  • It’s 410km distance from Bhubaneswar
stone beded rocks in sundargarh its known as kanha kunda

You and I can witness a breathtaking gorge being carved out by the IB River over millions of years, offering us stunning views of water-carved stones. We can marvel at the canyon’s display of impressive rock formations and layers that unveil the Earth’s geological history. Isn’t it truly amazing? Let’s explore the deep and narrow valleys it presents, with certain sections descending to depths exceeding 1,000 feet (300 meters). Its also known as kanhakunda .

Odisha canyon Lake

Odisha Canyon Lake is a picturesque lake located in the state of Odisha, India.


  • The odisha canyon lake is situated in the Nijigarh Tapang
  • It’s 39km distance from bhubaneswar &
  • It’s 58km distance from Cuttack
the stunnning & peaceful deep canyon lake in nijagarh tapang

You and I can witness the stunning natural beauty and unique canyon-like formations that surround the lake. The lake itself is enveloped by lush greenery, making it a beloved destination for nature lovers and photographers like you and me. We can indulge in activities such as boating and fishing, enjoying the serenity of the lake’s waters.

This lake, often regarded as a hidden gem, offers a peaceful retreat from the bustling city life that you and I yearn to escape. It attracts both locals and tourists who, like us, seek a tranquil and picturesque spot to unwind and relax. Moreover, the surrounding area presents us with ample opportunities for hiking and exploring the nearby forests and hills, allowing us to embark on exciting adventures together.

Redhakhol canyon

Redhakhol Canyon is a popular natural wonder located in the state of Odisha, India.


  • Redhakhol Canyon is situated near the Redhakhol village in the Angul district of Odisha.
  • It’s 210km distance from bhubaneswar &
  • It’s 196km distance from Cuttack
the unexplored redhakhol canyon near sambalpur must visit place

The canyon formed naturally over millions of years due to erosion caused by the flowing river and weathering processes. You can’t believe gradually shaped the rocky landscape, creating deep gorges and narrow canyons. Redhakhol Canyon stands out with its vibrant red and orange colored rocks, giving it a stunning appearance. The rocks reflect sunlight, creating a beautiful spectacle. As visitors, you can enjoy the picturesque scenery and capture stunning photographs of the natural landscape. Redhakhol Canyon has become a popular destination for adventure enthusiasts like you and me.

The unexplored canyon of Odisha is not only a natural wonder but also holds cultural importance. The local communities have deep-rooted connections to the area, and we can experience their rich traditions and hospitality. Redhakhol Canyon is easily accessible for tourists .The ideal time to visit is during the winter season (November to February). Let’s avoid the monsoon season as heavy rainfall can make the trails slippery and unsafe .We should refrain from littering and follow any guidelines or regulations set by the local authorities to preserve the ecosystem.

The unexplored canyon of Odisha holds tremendous potential for travelers, nature lovers, and adventure enthusiasts. Exploring this canyon offers us an opportunity to uncover the mysteries of a relatively unknown natural wonder. These canyons not only present visual spectacles but also serve as a remarkable testament to the geological history of the region. So, this weekend, let’s explore the canyons one by one.

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