Do you know these 6 Famous Temples in Cuttack District? Explore now

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You know Temple is a place where you feel very peace and calmness. there you forgot all of stress and problems. When you sit on the step of temples, automatically there create a positive atmosphere.

You can spend a quality time with your family. you make some memory and also know some more history of temples.

There are many famous temples in Odisha. Every district in the state has many famous temples and also have their own history of origin.

Inthis article I am going to cover the Famous Temples of Cuttack District and their history. Also will help you how and when to plan your trip for a Devine Experience.

Let’s explore the list.

1. Dhabaleswar Temple (ଧବଳେଶ୍ବର ମନ୍ଦିର):

Dhabaleswar name means Dhabala/ White+ Eeswar/ God. this name is attributed miracle performed by Lord Shiva. its very famous temple in Odisha. people feel its a living god. the god has a interesting history . if you know about the history then you can follow

There are Various functions like Shivaratri, Pausha purnima, Dola purnima, and Kartika purnima are celebrated in a year.

visit timing: you can visit the temple morning 5.00 to 12.30 & evening 13.00 to 21.00.

The darshan timings of the Dhabaleswar Temple Cuttack might change during festivals and special days.

location: Lord DHABALESWAR TEMPLE is located in an island within river Mahanadi and is approx 57 km by road North of Bhubaneswar via Cuttack & Choudwar.

how to reach :

The temple can be reached by bus via Chowdwar, Nuapatana, Mancheshwar. it can also be reached via Bidanasi through boating on river Mahanadi INPREVIOUS DAYS. But now a bridge has been made by odisha govt. Odisha’s first ever foot hang bridge is connecting the exotic island with mancheswar which is the major way to reach the temple.

2. Chandi Temple(ଚଣ୍ଡୀ ମନ୍ଦିର):

Cuttack Chandi Temple is one of the most popular temples in the city and was constructed in the early 20th century. The Chandi Temple is ancient temple to dedicate goddess chandi. The temple is also noted for offering its visitors Chandi Bhoga, which is served to devotees as prasad.

The Temple famous for Durga puja & Kali puja.

Chandi Temple

visit timing: You can visit the temple at 6am to 6pm

Location: The temple is located nearby the banks of the Mahanadi River.

How to reach:

You can travel by bus from badambadi bus stand cuttack & you can also book online cab from your location.

3. Madhaba Temple(ମାଧବ ମନ୍ଦିର):

The Temple is built in pancharatha design. Three buildings, namely Vimana, Jagamohana and Natamandapa. The Vimana is of Rekha Deula, Jagamohana is of Pidha deula and the Natamandapa is flat-roofed and recently renovated by Archaeological Survey of India.

Madhaba Temple

Visit timing: You can visit at morning 5am to 8pm.

Location: It is located at Madhab Village of Niali block in on the eastern bank of the Prachi River, about 6 kms. from Niali (Cuttack District).

How to reach:

Regular bus services run from Bhubaneswar and Cuttack to Niali & you also book cab from your location.

4.Bhatarika Temple(ଭଟ୍ଟାରିକା ମନ୍ଦିର):

The temple is dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Maa Bhattarika worshipped as a manifestation of Shakti. As per the Puranic tradition, Parashurama, facing certain defeat at the hands of Saharasjuna, prayed to Durga who appeared on this spot to impart her divine power to his aid. The festival Pana Sankranti is celebrated here in April, Akshaya Tritiya in May and Dussehra in October.

Durga Puja is celebrated here yearly with great rejoicing.

Bhatarika Temple

Visit timing: The temple opens its gate at 3 AM in the morning during a peaceful environment.

Location: Bhattarika Temple is located on the Mahanadi River, in Sasanga village in the tehsil Baramba, (formerly Athgarh), Cuttack. 70km distance from Bhubaneswar/ Cuttack

How to reach: You can travel by local bus & also book cab

5.Akhandalamani Temple(ଅଖଣ୍ଡଳମଣି ମନ୍ଦିର):

There is a interesting story about the temple when you visit there must know. If you want to know more about the temple click here

Akhandalamani Temple

Visit timing: you can visit the Temple 7am to 7pm.

Location: This famous temple, the abode of “Lord Siva” is located in the bank of river Baitarani, at Aradi, 37 kilometres (23 mi) to the east of the district headquarters of Bhadrak via Asurali, Kothara and Dhusuri.

How to reach: This place is linked to Chandabali by boat through the river Baitarani. From Chandabali ferry ghat to Aradi. it will take hardly two hours by boat. you can also visit by bus from Bhubaneswar.

6.Charchika Temple(ଚର୍ଚ୍ଚିକା ମନ୍ଦିର):

Charchika Temple is one of the oldest Shakti places in Odisha, India. It is located in a small town of Banki of Cuttack district in Odisha. The presiding deity is an eight-armed goddess Chamunda, locally known as Maa Charchika Devi.

Kumarpurnima a Hindu festival celebrated 5 days after Dusshera is very famous here.

Charchika Temple

Visit timing: You can visit the temple at 6am to 6pm.

Location: The temple is located in a small town of Banki in Cuttack. 53km distance from both Bhubaneswar/ Cuttack

How to reach: You can travel by bus or book online cab from your Location.

Hope you enjoy these unforgettable moments of Holy places of our silver city (Cuttack).