5 Beautiful Unexplored Beaches

5 Beautiful And Unexplored Beaches In Odisha

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Sometimes I just need a break and I love beach and want to explore beautiful beaches. I love travelling and Personally I want to go out of Odisha and explore more about different beach but let me tell you one thing I was so wrong because within Odisha i found beautiful beaches which is so peaceful.

I must say there are lot of unexplored Beaches within odisha and I cover 5 Beautiful And Unexplored beaches which I personally recommend and you can go and visit with friends ,family and you will enjoy for sure.

1.Rushikulya Sea Beach

Rushikulya Sea Beach

If you are fond of sea and sea creatures, then you will certainly like this beach.While taking stroll along the beach, you might even spot Olive Ridley turtles.

Rushikulya Beach will provide you with the shimmering blue water to dive into and swim. The waves are gigantic which make swimming a thrilling and exciting experience. The cold water will help you feel refreshed.

Rushikulya beach is home to a large number of Olive Ridley Turtles that lay eggs. You can witness the beauty of these tiny eggs hatching and small turtles coming out of them. This would be quite a sight to see and would be a once in a lifetime opportunity. The eggs generally hatch in the morning so try and visit the beach early in the morning.

2. Astarang Sea Beach

Astarang Sea Beach

A perfect destination for a perfect sunset experience on the beach! ‘Astarang’: meaning ‘colourful sunset’The Astaranga beach is a famous fishing village and every morning a market is set up on the beach from where you can purchase the different varieties of fresh fishes. This beach is a perfect place to getaway from the helter skelter of the city and spend some quiet and peaceful time

The cool water of the sea will calm your body and soothe your soul. A swim here will be a fulfilling experience that will make you feel relaxed and happy.

A number of small shops are located in and around the beach that serves tasty food. You can enjoy a hearty meal sitting on sand with the magnificent view of water crashing on the shore.

3.Beleswar Sea Beach

Beleswar Sea Beach

If you are looking for a peaceful place to get back your calm and spend some blissful times, Beleswar beach is where you should head to!

Whether or not you are in a mood to be alone, Beleswar Beach is a place that will definitely ride you through a different world and refresh your body, mind and soul

Although it attracts a lot of visitors for its beauty, it is not jam-packed with people every time. Because of this reason, the beach offers other things to try and explore with your loved ones besides the usual water sports.

The beach is cloaked in greens and covered with silvery sand and clear blue sky that you can witness from October to March.

4.Balighai Sea Beach

Balighai Sea Beach

Experience the majestic sunrise and the mind soothing sunset on the shores of one of the calmest sandy delights in Odisha.

Located off the Puri-Konark Marine Drive Road and situated at the mouth of Nuanai River, the scene of the quiet river streaming into the Bay of Bengal is an incredible sight. A thing to keep in mind is to carry your own food and essentials if you’re traveling in the morning as you won’t find many options available near the beach, but you can relish some local flavors available at the food shacks on the beach in the evening.

5.Pati Sonepur Sea Beach

Pati Sonepur Sea Beach

This beach has been more or less untouched and offers mesmerizing virgin beauty as Bahuda river finds its destination in the Bay of Bengal here. Giving you a chance to dance in the shadow of the stars and kiss in the light of the moon, this beach is an amazing place for a romantic night. Consider making this beautiful little spot can serve as your honeymoon special.

Berhampur is the closest railroad. From Berhampur you need to drive twenty kilometers on National Highway 5. You can Take a bus from Bhubaneshwar to reach Berhampur.

Please note that if you are considering exploring these beaches, I recommend having a personal vehicle at your disposal as some of these beaches can only be reached via public transport after changing several buses.

There are several other relatively unexplored beaches along the coastline of Odisha. I hope that in times to come, it will be able to attract beach tourism like Mumbai and Goa. After all, it has a far larger number of and far many more beaches than those two destinations. Do try at least one sea beach if you ever visit Odisha.

If you are on a tight schedule and sea beaches are not at the top of the list of attractions you wish to see in Odisha, I recommend you Puri or Konark sea beach which is located conveniently near to major tourist spots.