Top 10 Handloom Saree Shops In Bhubaneswar

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Handloom products are a traditional textile art of Odisha. The production of handloom products are important for economic development in rural of Odisha. Odisha is one of the prominent state, is heritage to a wealth of handloom saree varieties. Some types of Odisha handloom sarees include Ikat, Bandha, Pasapalli, Khandua, Habaspuri, Bomkai, Sonepuri, Kotpad and Berhampuri.

Each Saree has its own patterns, weaving technique and unique designs. In Odisha, the most popular saree is Sambalpur ikat saree, locally known as Bandhakala. The handloom sarees produced in these clusters are renowned for their intricate designs, vibrant colors, and fine quality. Demand for Sambalpuri sarees has increased recently, which has benefited the weaving communities in Odisha. Individuals these days also enjoy wearing handloom silk sarees for wedding attire.

The demand for handloom sarees in Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Odisha, India, is quite high. Bhubaneswar is known for its exquisite handloom saree shop, which are popular among locals and tourists alike.

find the top 10 Handloom Saree Shops in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

1. Boyanika, Ashok Nagar, BBSR

Boyanika, Odisha state Handloom weavers cooperative society Ltd, Handloom , Textiles and Handicrafts Department, Govt. of Odisha has shops in various part of the city. Boyanika preserving Odisha’s handloom heritage since 1956. Boyanika provides an amazing range of pure cotton handloom sarees, silk sarees, dress materials and other home furnishing items, that attract local customers and tourists. The show room also has an online store where customers can buy their favourites at home. Boyanika is a well known brand for Handloom saree shop in Bhubaneswar.

Boyanika Handloom
Collections: Bapta Saree, Cotton Saree, Kotpad saree, Patachitra saree, Silk saree (Bomkai, Khandua, Sambalpuri, Sonepuri, etc), Tussar Saree, Peduncle saree etc and other home furnishing items.
Service: In Store Service, You can Buy Online :
Discount: Special Govt. Rebate of 20%
Address : Unit- II, Ashok Nagar, Bhubaneswar, 751001
Hours: 9.30am to 9pm (Everyday)
Contact: 0674-3512101

2. Priyadarshini Handloom, Unit-II(Market Building), BBSR

The most reputable handloom saree shop in Bhubaneswar, Priyadarshini Handloom has more than 100,000 different saree designs. It began operations in 1989. From casual clothing to Indian traditional ethnic attire for celebrations and weddings, it contains everything you could possibly need. Customers can purchase their favourite items from the show room’s online store while at home.

Priyadarshini Handloom , Bhubaneswar
Collections : Handloom silk sarees, Handloom cotton sarees, Handloom dress materials, Mens wear and Home décor etc.
Service: In Store Service, You Can Buy Online :
Discount : Upto 20% off on all items.
Address :  11, Unit – II, Western Tower, Market Building, Bhubaneswar, 751009
Hours: 10am to 9pm (Everyday)
Contact: 0674-2532140

3. UTKALIKA, Ashok Nagar, BBSR

In Bhubaneswar, the state capital of Odisha, there is a well-known Handloom Saree shop and Handicrafts showroom called Utkalika. In 1959, it was founded. Traditional handicrafts from Odisha are among the several handloom saree options available at Utkalika. The goods are produced by talented artisans from various regions of Odisha. Each item produced by Utkalika is exceptional and one-of-a-kind. Customers can purchase their favourite items from the show room’s online store while at home. For tourists and local shoppers alike, Utkalika is a traditional handicrafts and handloom shop that cannot be missed in Bhubaneswar.

Utkalika, Bhubaneswar
Collection: Handloom saree (Cotton, Kotpad, Silk, etc), Dress materials, Handicrafts products, Odissi Costumes and Ornaments.
Service: In Store Service, You Can Buy Online:
Discount: Flat 20% off on everything
Address: BMC Market complex, Unit-II, Ashok Nagar, Bhubaneswar, 751001
Hours: 10am to 8.30pm (Everyday)
Contact: 0674-2530187


Popular handloom retailer in Bhubaneswar is Odisha Handloom Emporium. For genuine Odisha handloom sarees, the showroom is a one-stop shop. It provides a broad selection of handloom sarees, clothing accessories, dhotis, lungis, and other items to its consumers in Bhubaneswar while maintaining customer satisfaction.

Odisha Handloom
Collection Of Odisha Handloom
Collection: Sambalpuri sarees, Bomkai sarees, Khandua sarees, Berhampuri sarees, Kotpad sarees, Sonepuri sarees, Other Handloom products like ( dress material, dhotis, lungis, shawls, stoles).
Service: In Store Service
Discount: Festive discounts (Durga puja, Diwali, Christmas etc).
Address: 22, Western Tower, Near Rajdhani Petrol Pump, Market Building, Unit-II, Bhubaneswar, 751009
Hours: 10am-9pm
Contact: 09938804914

5. Bunkaari India Weaving Handloom, Chandrasekharpur, BBSR

Bunkaari India Weaving Handloom is a brand based showroom in Bhubaneswar. The objective of Bunkaari India is to promoting traditional handloom products and providing employment opportunities to local weavers. Bunkaari India weaving handloom  offers a wide range of handloom products like sarees, dress materials and home textiles. The products are known for their unique design and high quality material.

Night View Of Bunkari India
Bunkaari India Shop
Collection: Sambalpuri Silk, Bomkai Silk, Other state Handloom Silk etc
Service: In Store Service
Discount: Seasonal Discounts.
Address: Kanan Vihar, Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneswar, 751017
Hours: 10am-9.30pm
Contact: 08984070149

6. Mehers’ Fashion, Sriya Square, BBSR

Mehers is a well established handloom saree shop located in Bhubaneswar at Janpath and Patia . Mehers offers a wide variety of Handloom saree, Indian ethnic wear including salwar suits, lehengas and kurtis. Mehers is famous for its unique design and high quality fabrics. The store offers shipping and delivery services , making it easier for customers. So, visit this place and get an excellent designs.

Mehers Handloom Saree Shop
Collection: Handloom sarees ( Sambalpuri, Sonepuri, Berhamburi, Bomkai etc), Dress Material, Mens Wedding collection and many more.
Service: In Store
Discount: Upto 40% off
Address: 1, Janpath Road, Sriya Square, Kharavela Nagar, Near Sri Ram Mandira, Bhubaneswar, 751001
Hours: 10am-9pm
Contact: 09437389109

7. Indian Villez Handloom and Handicrafts, Saheed Nagar, BBSR

The Indian Villez Handloom and Handicrafts industry in Bhubaneswar produces a range of exquisite textiles including the famous Sambalpuri sarees, Bomkai sarees, and Ikat sarees. These sarees are made using a unique tie-and-dye technique that results in beautiful and intricate designs. The handloom industry also produces a range of other textiles such as dress materials, bedspreads, and curtains.

Indian Villez Handloom
Collection: Odisha Handloom (Sambalpuri silk, Khandua, Nabakothi, Habaspuri, Dolabedi etc), South Handloom, Banarasi, Maheswari

You can Buy Online :

Discount: Same Flat 15% off on selected Items, Extra 6% off for NEW Customer, Additional 5% off on total order.
Address: Plot – 625/A, 1st Floor Mohanty Square, Janpath Rd, Opposite Tata Croma, Saheed Nagar, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751007
Hours: 10.30am- 9.30pm
Contact: 07847919670

8. FAB ODISHA, Janpath, BBSR

The centre for all things unique to Odisha, with inspiration from our history. Your hunt for the finest handcrafted goods from Odisha, painstakingly created by our weavers and artisans, comes to an end at Fabodisha. The history of Kalinga Land is engraved into its jewels, the spirit of Odisha is woven in its loom, the legends of Kalinga Land are carved into its crafts, and the culture is murmured in its weaves. Our goal is to promote and market the finest handloom and crafts from Odisha around the world.

Collection Of Fab Odisha
Fab OdishaShop
Collection: Berhampuri Silk, Heritage Sarees, Mulberry Ikat Silk, Sambalpuri Silk, Patachitra Sarees, Tusser Silk, Cotton Sarees.

You Can Buy Online:

Discount: Seasonal Discount.
Address: 622/A, Janpath Rd, Saheed Nagar, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751007
Hours: 10am-9.30pm
Contact: 09938978309

9. Looms N Crafts, Chandrasekharpur, BBSR

A prime source for handwoven luxury textiles and crafts. With the brand name “Silviya,” it is synonymous with the rich weaving legacy of Odisha and a mark of authenticity, modernity, and excellent quality. Presenting the most fashionable, modern, exquisite, and attractive handloom assortment for the ladies out there who enjoy wearing sarees and dresses at a very reasonable and cost-effective price. The most recent hand-selected assortment is certain to draw attention. For yourself, you can purchase. To your loved ones, you can send gifts. Your ordered items can be altered.Looms N Crafts provide excellent value for the money and are very adaptable.

Looms N Crafts Bbsr
Collection: Traditional Ikat Saree, Dress Materials etc
Service: In Store Service, You Can Buy Online:
Address: Plot No745, Sector3, Chandrasekharpur, Niladri Vihar Road, Niladri Vihar, Bhubaneshwar – 751021 (Near Isenewar Temple)
Hours: 9am-9pm
Contact: 09938402066

10. Radhika Exclusive Handloom Saree Shop, Nayapalli, BBSR

Throughout the last 28 years, Radhika Exclusives has been the leading Odisha Sambalpuri Ikat weaving company. The State Handicraft Award winner and well-known international handloom designer, Mr. Bankim Kumar Mishra, is responsible for the achievement. The shop is renowned for its beautiful designs and high-quality goods. Using handloom, the designs showcase the exquisite art of Odisha. It offers a wide variety of handcrafted items, including Ikat and Bomkai sarees, suit pieces, stoles, bed sheets, and outfits in various materials. The shop is well known for producing bespoke sarees.

Happy Customer of Radhika Exclusive
Collection: Authentic Odisha Handloom Product
Service: In Store Service, Also Online Shopping
Discount: Seasonal Sale.
Address: Indradhanu Market Road, Block N5/29, IRC Village, Nayapalli, infront of I.R.C.Village HighSchool, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751015
Hours: 10am-2pm and 4pm-9.30pm
Contact: 09861062899

Handloom sarees from Bhubaneswar are known for their unique designs, vibrant colors, and exquisite craftsmanship. If you are interested in purchasing handloom sarees in Bhubaneswar, it is recommended that you do visit these Handloom Saree shops to find the one that offers the best quality and selection. You may also consider looking for recommendations from: