Kora Khai

Kora Khai : Famous Prasad of Lingaraj Temple

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Hey today I am going to share a famous odia food served as Prasad in temples. This food is made in Bhubaneswar which is very famous in India for its mouth-watering taste. It is believed to be one of the favorite sweets of the Lord. So, let’s see what is Kora Khai, where and how it is prepared.

Kora Khai (କୋରା ଖଇ)

What is Kora Khai?

Kora Khai (କୋରା ଖଇ) is a traditional odia food, mainly served as a Prasad in the temples of Odisha. Devotees of Lord Lingaraj offer Kora Khai as his Prasad. It is the Ballav Bhog(ବଲ୍ଲଭ ଭୋଗ), the breakfast of Lord Lingaraj. Since the beginning of Lingaraj culture, it has been treated as the main sweet among Lord’s offerings.

Where it is prepared?

It is prepared in the Old-Town Area of Bhubaneswar. Although there are many shops making Kora Khai in the Old-Town area, the ones served to Lord Lingaraj is prepared by specific families of confectioners (particularly Bisoi families) assigned to make it in the same authentic way as it has been for years.

How it is prepared?

It is prepared with four basic ingredients – Khai (Lia i.e. Puffed paddy), Sugar, Coconut, and Cardamoms, involving a unique procedure that gives a perfect combination of sweet and spicy flavour.

Hope you got to know all the details about Kora Khai and do no forget to taste this delicious sweet whenever you visit Lingaraj Temple.

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