5 Most Popular and Recommended Tourist Places in Cuttack

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Orissa is one of the few states in India where you will witness some of the enthralling pictorial sites that attract many tourists that often come in numbers and explore this highly visited place. Since its urban development, Cuttack has been known for its mind-blowing architectural brilliance representing a smart city’s true identity.

Over the years, Cuttack has found immense popularity and is known primarily as a hot and happening place among the many parts of India. The culture, people are getting together, and most importantly, carrying on the ancient legacy that transforms the people way of life here.

While you are in Cuttack, you can do multiple things which will not make you feel bored or tired. In this article, I share quite a few must visit tourist places in Cuttack to chill out and hangout with your families

Cuttack Chandi Temple: A Must Visit Site for All Devotee

For people who believe and pray while they get peace and mental satisfaction, Chandi temple is surely a place where they can pay tribute and spend quality time exploring all temples. You won’t miss a chance to visit this temple as many devotees often come from other countries to bless by devotional blessing and witness the memorable religious rituals.

 In a calendar year, this temple is largely occupied by pilgrims and shrines that come in numbers with high hope of witnessing this incredible temple history and the saga of eternal peace.

Deer Park: Witness the Unfazed Wildlife Animals from Close Distance

If you are located in Madusudan Nagar in Cuttack, the deer park is an absolute thrill and excitement for all wildlife followers. For nature lovers, this is the best place to capture the wildlife animals and see them from a close distance also makes this trip more adventurous and fun filled. This reckons to be the perfect place to do an excursion and also a picnic arrangement.

Barabati Forts: Highly Recommended Place to Know the Rich Historical Battlefield

Barabati Fort is one of the must-visit places if you come to Cuttack first time. The historical saga of battle must excite you as a tourist, and you will fall in love with this place for sure. Wondering what to do in Cuttack take a step back and visit this impressive Barabati fort for a new experience. Cuttack famous restrurant you will find mouthwatering dishes at cheap prices.

Paradeep Beach:  Engage Activities in This Exotic Sand Beaches

Well, Paradeep Beach has always appealed to the tourist. It is a favorite location to venture into the sea beach and engage in watersports. This is quite entertaining as you can play and join the beach activities. Paradeep is also known as the biggest port in India making it a global tourist spot to visit. It is also the best places to eat in Cuttack and worth having spending time to explore beaches.

State Botanical Garden: Things to Engage in a Vibrant and Lively Atmosphere

If you are undecided about where to spend time in Cuttack, you can visit and explore the state botanical garden, which is an attractive place in Cuttack. This place is renowned for nature and redefining beautiful settings. This place is filled with beautiful flowers and greenery, an eco-friendly environment.


These things you can always do and explore when you come to the temple city. Cuttack is a heritage cultural ambiance city on the world map, and it has a reputation for many exciting tourists with unforgettable tourist sites and a growing travel destination. You can really enjoy exploring these tourist places in Cuttack.

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